Monday, June 28, 2010

Riches in Richmond

Downtown Richmond and all its historic glory. Great shops and cafes!

My new favorite vintage store is Bygones. Awesome things from all the decades, especially the glamourous 50's. Love these lace up boots!

Some more shops in Carytown.....

Richmond Ballet and the Civil War Museum:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Trends: Resort 2011 Coverage

My top 5 summer trends featuring looks from the resort 2011 collections:

What to look for: Neons, surf wear, body-con, straw and beads, jelly shoes, cut-out swim suits, geometric prints, strappy sandals...
Color of the moment: Coral Pink

What to look for: polka dots, clevage baring tops, corsets, brunch jackets, flower racing hats, bow heels, deep red lipstick, stripes, lace, long full skirts, pointy toe shoes...
Color of the moment: Rich Burgundy

What to look for: kakhi ankle pants, army inspired wear, ethnic prints, bold patterns, leather, rompers, unique vests, messenger bags, wedges.....
Color of the moment: Olive Green

What to look for: flowy blouses, paisley prints, high waisted bell bottoms, shirt dresses, men's blazers, cool shades, flowers, sleek maxi dresses, tie neck tops, gladiator sandals, fur vests....
Color of the moment: Sunshine Yellow

What to look for: crisp white shirts, tweed jackets and bottoms, fedora hats, stripes, quilted bags and flats, boyfriend jeans, tennis shoes, chunky wedges, antique necklaces.....
Color of the moment: Dove Grey
(runway photos:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Surfing and Styling

My sketch for Teen Vogue's Fashion University 2010.....can't wait for October!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CFDA Awards: Red Carpet Standouts

It was a fabulous night full of fabulous people wearing fabulous fashion. What more can I say?!
(from top left): Bee Shaffer in Thakoon with queen bee mom, Anna Wintour; Rachael Wietz in Jason Wu with the designer; Ed Westwick looking dapper; Sophie Buhai in her own Vena Cava creation; Victoria Traina in chic leather; Kate Mara in Brain Atwood heels with the designer;
Jenni Kayne in her own goddess-esque design; Jessica Biel in DVF; Allure's Linda Wells; SJP in a breathtaking Alexander McQueen

Monday, June 7, 2010

MTV MOVIE AWARDS: Red Carpet Fashion Titles

"Not Quite Right"- Kristen Stewart; the dress is cute enough for her petite frame, but the fake ponytail and lack of a wow factor makes this look fall short.

"Too Cutesy"- Jessica Biel; this pink, white and pink mini is adorable style wise but on Jessica it isn't meant for her curvaceous body. She should learn to embrace her toned physique and try more sexier chic looks. Even her hair seems too simple for the red carpet.

"Looks like a Cheap Club Dress"- Stephanie Pratt; Even though I'm envious of her long limbs and trim body, I am not in the least envious of this stripper mall esque dress.
Yes neon is a hot new trend, but neon, lace and tacky designs don't cut in on the red crapet. Her over done makeup, expected black pumps, and pin straight hair all are meant more for a night partying in Las Vegas, not at the MTV M
movie Awards.

"Loves her Heels"- Amanda Seyfried; she is one of my favorite actresses and style icons nowadays and while most would shun her for always wearing those black strappy heels, to me it shows that she is down to earth. And paired with a lovely lace dress that fits her body perfectly who can fault that? Keep being yourself Amanda!

"Most Refreshing"- Eva Mendes; Eva's one shoulder sequin animal print dress is too die for. Her shoes, accessories and blown out hair match wonderfully with the whole youthful yet sexy look. It probably one of my favorite of the night because coming from Eva, this is unexpected. Also her look is very appropriate for an event like this.

"Oh Katy, Really?"- Katy Perry; we all know that Katy Perry likes to stand out in a a crowd, but the blue wig necessary? Everything from the much too revealing sequin super short mini to the scary neon nails screams attention, and not the good kind I assure you.

"Why Even Bother?"- Lindsey Lohan; I don't know how she even gets invited to these events when she is such a Hollywood disaster. And this Pamella Roland jumpsuit just makes matters worse for her body, revealing side boobies, and covering up the ankle monitor we all know that's under there. Seriously people, can we not waste a red carpet on Lindsay when she always dresses like shes going to go out on the town right after?

"Retro Goddess"- Scarlett Johansson; omg love this Dolce & Gabbana green lace cocktail dress. Its is so fitting for Scarlett's sophisticated and refined style, and shows of her hourglass figure to perfection. And with sexy wavy and sultry makeup, this actress is oozing confidence.

"On The Fence"- Cameron Diaz; while I absolutely adore this DVF floral cap sleeve mini, I am not sure if its right for Cameron. In my eyes, Cameron should be dressing more her age in chicer designs and tighter shillouettes that show of her rock hard body. But this look makes her appear a little frumpy. Also her booties are quite boring...I wish she would have chose a sparkly pump or strappy sandal instead. I just think she could be done much better than this.

"All Over the Place"- Anna Kendrick; the dress is too short for its shape, the shoe not right for the whole look, and the hair a complete mess. I mean the hair looks like it was only curled and then she slept on it overnight! Usually I love everything this up and coming actress wears, but sadly I am disappointed over all with this train wreck look.

"Hurts My Eyes"- Audrina Patridge; OMG, really Audrina? Don't you know that the metallic and sequin phase of fashion has long passed? This look is way over the top and don't even get me started on the heels....looks like she's wearing layers of handcuffs around her ankles. And while the black clutch isn't a disco ball like the rest of her outfit, it still can't save this eye sore.

"Yawn"- Julianne Hough; I think this girl is absolutely gorgeous but with this look you can't even tell because it appears like she's going to a funeral. Why anybody wear black to the MTV Movie Awards is beyond me. And its not even a daring black dress....its a very typical body con mini with over used black pumps and the usually gold accessories. The only thing I like about this look is the interesting detail on the bag.

"What is this?"- Jessica Alba; I don't even know what to think of this look. Is it a top and pants, a dress and leggings, a tank and skirt? There is so much going on that I am just confused at the whole outfit. Its like Jessica bought a bunch of black items that are alright individually and then decided to wear them all together. Usually known for color and high fashion dresses, Jessica just leaves me very puzzled with her ensemble choice.

"Too Die For!"- Whitney Port; Now I'll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Whitney's style choices as of late, but on this occasion she definitely dressed to the nines. I am so in love with this canary yellow detail mini, oversize clutch and amazing nude cage booties. The dress does wonders for her shape, giving her envious curves. The hair, the makeup, and the whole look just works perfectly together. Sometimes Whitney's style pairings can be questionable, but tonight in the mist of so many fashion misfires, her ensemble rules the red carpet!! Kudos Whitney, you may have made me a fan:)

"The New Gaga"- Christina Aguilera; no people that isn't Lady Gag walking the red carpet in a dramatic black gown. It seems that Christina is trying to reinvent herself into a more edgier and bolder artist...everything from her new album to her recent fashion choices has shown a different side to this once Innocent, then dirty, then retro singer. But unfortunately for Christina Gaga already has the showstopper crown when it comes to style on the red carpet. So while this look does stand out and looks beautiful on Christina, I juts wish she'd have her own identity and not be a copy cat like many artists nowadays. Great dress though:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Buys: 90s

I went shopping Saturday only knowing that I needed more summer things and with no plan besides that. It wasn't until I was home that I realized that everything I bought was 90s inspired. Come to think of that, the stores I went to all had a 90s vibe and I have also noticed this decade's style in recent magazine like Teen Vogue ("Spin City"). And I may be a little ahead of myself, but I have a good feeling that clothing from this era will be a new fashion craze very soon.
I personally love the simple freedom that 90s clothing offers. Examples of such clothing are lace shorts, oversize cropped sweaters, boxy floral dresses, chain bags, hair scrunchies and cute clips, army green, tennis shoes, and denim galore. It wasn't long ago that I was a ten year old growing up in the 90s watching "Boy Meets World" and "Full House", going to the roller skating rink and licking ring I'm really psyched that these inspirations are all coming back into style. With summer upon us, 90s style is perfect for hanging out with friends and walking the boardwalk. And although tights biker shorts under baggy denim shorts and other 90s pairings may take awhile to hit mainstream fashion, I will standby it and rock these looks all summer long! Who says we can't revisit our childhood ways?