Friday, November 27, 2009

Style STARs: Gossip Girl Edition

On and off set the stars of Gossip Girl never fail to impress, each one with their own distinct style. It seems to me that either Blake, Leighton and Taylor are taking inspiration from their characters on the show or they themselves are the inspirations for the characters. Either way we can always expect the latest fashions and coolest trends from these girls. Leighton's character Blair is the epitome of preppy and prissy, and even though Leighton herself sometimes dresses that way, she always tries to distance herself from Blair's persona. Blake Lively's character Serena is all sexy and chic which Blake herself brings to the red carpet as well. Everything looks so great on her, especially this Victoria Beckam dress she's wearing above. And finally, "little Jenny" isn't so little anymore, on the show and off. Taylor own rocker style in real life has influenced her character's on set with studs, leather, legs and all. Gossip Girl is truly the only show where I look forward to each episode's looks as well as the stars' looks off camera. keep it up B, S and T!

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Friday, November 13, 2009



This year's CMA awards redcarpet was all over the place. There were short dresses, long gowns, tons of color, sparkles, and everything inbetween. My favorite looks from the event were worn by Nicole Kidman in a slimming L'Wren Scott gown; Jennifer Neals in a navy body hugging dress; Taylor Swift wearing her signature sparkles; Michelle Branch in a fashion forward Matthew Williamson jeweled cocktail dress; and Ashley Monroe in a too die for flower printed wrap dress (great styling!).

However there were also some bad dress choices as well. Kelly Pickler not only choose an unflattering gown in a way too shiny metallic, but her newly dyed red hair doesn't help at all. Miranda Lambert looks ways too forlorn in her black ruched gown; aren't country stars supposed to like color?! And Diana Degarmo looks like a teenager playing dress up; the bubblegum pink and tacky gold heels makes her outfit look cheap.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Halloween Costume!

This Halloween I thought had limited choices on what I could be. Basically I didn't want to buy or spend the effort making a costume, so I thought to myself "what do I have that'll create a good costume?" Voila, "biker chick"! I already owned a leather jacket (check), chain necklaces (check), shiny liquid leggings (check) and black biker boots (check). So what started out as a scramble to find the perfect Halloween outfit, ended up being the most easiet thing ever. Who knows what other characters I could put together with the stuff I already have in my closet? Can't wait til next Halloween to find out!:)