Sunday, August 28, 2011

VMAs 2011: Red Carpet Coverage

Proud Mama

Beyonce came tonight with some huge news....she's preggo! And boy does pregnancy look good on her. She stunned in this orange-redish one shoulder Lanvin gown and side swept ponytail. She knocked it out on the red-carpet, as well as with her performance of "Love on Top" in a Dolce & Gabbana pink sequin blazer. Congrats!

Metallic Mania

Shiny metallics seemed to be the fad trend at tonight's VMAs, but I am starting to get pretty sick of the look. Victoria Justice does pull it off very nicely with the complementing silver pumps and diva-ifed hair, but to me it's just "been there, done that".

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Nicki Minaj looks a hot mess in this weird contraption. I really don't get it at all. What's with the stuffed cat toys, ballet tights, and face mask? Nicki tends to adorn outfits that I find neither fun nor fashionable, and this look really tops it off for me. Gimmicks need to stop, ahh.

Britney is Back in Black

I absolutely loved that Britney won for her video and received the lifetime achievement award (presented by a cross-dressing Lady GaGa), but her look was boring as usual. What happened to the days of denim dresses, pink pleather pants and midriff tops? Not that her past looks were very flattering or fashion forward, but at least they had the wow factor. This simple Missoni mini and calf cutting bootie look just falls flat. A much better effort on the hair though.

Swamp Creature

Really Miley? She looks like a woodland monster from the murky abyss in this dull and drab long sleeve gown. It's neither young, fun, or trendy and makes her appear twice her age. I would have shorten the hem, chopped off the sleeves, changed the color and print, taken down her hair, lighten up her makeup....basically change the entire look head to toe. Really Miley?

Gretel's Shoes

Ok first off, why is Katie Holmes at the VMAs? And why did she get to present the biggest award of the night? And slighty off topic, why did she guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance? a few weeks back? The answer we can all guess at (cough cough Tom Cruise), but my largest concern was her hideous clown shoes. They do not go with her dress, nor with anything for that matter (maybe a yodeling outfit?). Just plain wrong all around.

Asian Influence

Katy Perry looked surprisingly tame (in her terms) tonight on the red (well black), carpet. Of course that being is WAY too costume-like, and the parcel? Unnecessary and gimmicky. But can we expect anything less from Mrs. Russel Brand? I do love her pink strappy Jimmy Choo sandals though.


For fashion purposes I actually liked Selena's Julien MacDonald gown. The details are stunning and the double skirt interesting; her hair matched well too. In VMAs terms, this look was one of the safer ones, but I found that refreshing in a sea of overdone metallics, animal print and craft projects. So props about your boytoy....

Best Dressed

Loved Zoe on tonight's red carpet! Her Barbara Bui mini is fabulous with that sexy v-neck and cool details. Those pumps are to die for as well. No one messes with Zoe when it comes to event dressing.

Broadwalk Broads

No comment


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Room Decor: My Favorite Peices

With college classes starting up in a couple weeks, packing for my new apartment has been my new and favorite priority. Interior decor can be so much more satisfying than styling clothing because you get to "live" in your room each and everyday, filling it with things you love and love to look at. Lately I've been inspired by the delicious hues of coral, light navy, cream, and plum purple, as well as delicate vintage accents and poppy fun patterns. Having recently bought amazing room staples at Ikea and Target, I am ready (and yearning) to divulge in the more frivolous finds for my new crib. It will take awhile, but my "college" home away from home will be one stylish and comfortable get away fit for a queen....or for me at least.

Above are just a few of my favorite wish list items from interior gold mines, Urbanoutfitters and Anthropologie.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping Spree:

My next fantasy shopping spree was on Having to choose from top notch luxurious designer pieces was no easy task (sike), but I managed to come up with one beautifully bright "end of the summer" party look. Now if only this outfit was feasible within my current bank account. Here was my imaginary budget:

Goat Pink Dress: $526

DVF Orange Belt: $165

YSL Tan Handbag: $1503

Maxmara Sunglasses: $292

Monica Vinader Ring: $158

Joomi Lim Necklace: $490
Isabel Marant Leopard Heels: $554

Grand Total: $3688 (half a year's rent on my apartment down the tubes)

Teen Choice Awards 2011: Red Carpet Score Board

Tyra Banks: 0/10

2 words: No Comment

Kim K: 2/10

Kim needs to realize that she's in her thirties now and soon to be married woman. So there is no need to dress like you're three at her age. The mini feather skirt was in trend for like 2 seconds 2 years ago, plus the unflattering halter top is just confusing. Love the pointy toes though (dislike that they're black).

Zooey Deschanel: 3/10

Don't even know what to say. First off I love Zooey (can't wait for her new show!), and I totally
understand her quirky cute style sense, but this outfit is just soooo boring. A mumsy dress to a hip awards show what? And those god awful shoes (I think they're Miu Miu..), make her feet look like hoofs.

Selena Gomez: 4/10

This is so sad for me because I usually really like what Selena wears. But her look tonight just didn't go together at all. The dress looks cheap and the mix match of similar colors (what color is that even?) is weird. I like that she added a pop of purple with her clutch but it far from saves this outfit. And don't even get me started on those Bakers ish heels.

Rachel Bilson: 5/10

Okay let me begin by saying everyone has there off days. Even a stylish star like Rachel (one of my style icons in fact) mess it up every once in a while. The pretty-ness of the white frock doesn't pair well with the spiked nude booties. There needed some sort of color somewhere. This look had no vision behind it. But at least she finally styled her hair ha

Ashley Greene: 5/10

Proportions is one of the most important aspects of styling a stunning outfit, and that's where Ashley went wrong tonight. The length of the white top (is that a top?) doesn't flatter her hip area and the pencil skirt is both boring and very "out" in the fashion world. I get that she was probably going for the whole "minimalistic" approach, but it looks more "secretary at a meeting" to me. This is an awards show for Pete's sake.

Demi Lavato: 6/10

Yes Demi does look a whole lot better than she has in years, but at some point you just have to put the tanning spray down. The citrus colors make her almost orange skin tone stand out even more. Plus the Miss America hair is way too New Jersey Housewife for my taste. That being said, I do love the lace dress and coordinating bright pumps.

Nikki Reed: 7/10

I actually think Nikki looks better than ever in this boho inspired 70's printed dress. Typically her red carpet looks are quite boring and uninspired but this draped maxi is perfect for her olive skin tone and build. Great hair as well. The only thing though is that she kind of looks more suited for a Hampton's beach party than a LA awards show.

Zoe Saldana: 8/10

Love Zoe! But I loved her slightly (only slightly) less tonight. I'm not a fan of mixing metallics so the silverish dress and the gold pumps threw me off. BUT, I adore the length and the style of the dress and the fun belt. Also her hair is perfectly done as usual. Being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood seems to have it perks.

Taylor Swift: 9/10

Taylor has a formula that she's perfected to the tee: sparkly, white, red lip, floral and flouncy is her motto. And I'm still buying it. People may say she's one note (which I agree with pertaining to her music!), but her style is flawless IMO. I love the a-line skirt and slight crystal detail in the belt. Simple and stunning.

Kaley Cuoco: 10/10

Love this head to toe! Kaley is the dark horse in red carpet fashion. People don't realize it, but she has such great taste when it comes to dressing to the nines. I would totally wear this dress, and I love how simply elegant yet trendy it is with all the tiers. Amazing hair and perfect makeup make this host stake her ground for sure.

Fergie: 15/10

Okay, most folks may not understand Fergie crazy wacky style but I happen to love it. She always changes her look up and delightfully surprises me every red carpet event. Her killer legs are showcased in this quirky D&G star mini (who says you can't wear a mini past 30?). She was one of the only stars (no pun intended) who had fun with their ensemble. Pointy toes (my current shoe weakness) and tamed hair complete this stunning look.

Blake Lively: 20/10

Leo or no Leo, Blake is one fashion powerhouse. Looking regal beyond her youthful years, Blake stuns once again in this delightful orange dress and leopard printed pointy toe heels (a trend it seems tonight). The mix of color and print is spot on (again, no pun intended haha), and her shiny hair is divine. She is my front runner as usual.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Style Star: Emma Roberts

Born into Hollywood royalty (Dad is Eric Roberts and Aunt is Julia Roberts), Emma has had some big shoes to fill. Although not quite as famous as say Kristen Stewart or the other Emma (Watson that is), this little miss Roberts is starting to make waves in a whole other way. Recently having stared in "The Art of Getting By", Emma is getting critical acclaim for her raw indie acting, quite different to the teen stars of today. Another shinning quality is her carefree trendy style. Emma has a definite eye for what looks good and what flatters her petite (i mean petite petite) frame. Seen at all the best runway shows, premieres and events, she always looks so put together and tends to change her style up all the time. Known for rocking skinnies, rocker tees, cute frocks and the most covetable heels, Emma has become royalty in new kingdom.... the fashion industry.