Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway: My Favorite Past Designers

Season 1- Jay McCarroll

Known for:

Winning the first season, grunge chic layering, use of color and print, off the wall concepts, his colorful shades and bread, being big bold and fabulous.

Season 1- Austin Scarlett

Known for:

His awesome name, hair and old lady style, Victorian references, pageant queen fashion, starring with Satino on Lifetime's show "On the Road with Austin and Santino"

Season 2- David Vosovic

Known for:

Sporty geometrics, his beautiful dress made from flowers, his geeky cool style, being the fan favorite

Season 2- Santino Rice

Known for:

His huge personality, his spot-on Tim Gunn impressions (funniest episode ever), lander-hosen chic lingerie design, being the other half of "On the Road with Austin and Santino"

Season 3- Jeffery Sebelia

Known for:

Winning his season, rock and roll glam with a flirty twist looks, being hated on by Laura Bennett who accused him of cheating, his weird neck tattoos, currently rocking a 70's mustache (ewww)

Season 3- Uli Herzner

Known for:

Big bright Miami prints, flowy maxi dresses, having an adorable accent, her lustworthy style sense and laid back vibe, being the peace maker of her season

Season 4- Christian Siriano

Known for:

Winning his season and being the most successful Runway contestant to date, being soo young with such great talent, dramatic and voluminous designs, his affordable Payless shoe collection, coining the term "that's fierce" (sorry Tyra Banks), his flat ironed hair

Season 4- Jillian Lewis

Known for:

Amazing knits, 70's meet city chic style, having covetable curly hair, her own fab outfits during the show, keeping her cool (for the most part), always surprising Nina (in a good way)

Season 5- Jerrell Scott

Known for:

His muscle tanks, vintage quirky designs, keeping it real in the workroom, making season villainess Kenley look like Britney Spears (in the good ol' days)

Season 5- Leanne Marshall

Known for:

Her breathtaking winning collection inspired by ocean waves, cute nerdy sensibility, failing to be a hip hop gangster in the music genre challenge, that amazing mini dress made out of car parts (see above)

Season 6- Carol Hannah

Known for:

Being the only contestant in this failure of a season (it took place in LA not NYC) that I actually liked, crushing on fellow designer Logan (he was Kurt Cobain dreamy), making cute wearable dresses

Season 7- Seth Aaron

Known for:

Winning his season with flying colors (almost literally), graphic punk rock prints and style, his neck ties and gelled hair do's, being hard core with a heart

Season 8- Mondo Guerra

Known for:

Winning his seaso....oh no whoops he didn't, petty miss Gretchen Jones did grr, his fabulous mix matched prints, bow ties and geek glasses, "coming out" on national television before telling his parents, simply being nice and adorable Mondo


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MK&A Olsen: Designer Super Twins

Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (pictured above, Ashley is on the right) are mini moguls in the making....or in my opinion have already made it. Starting off their career early with movies and television, MK&A began to diverge into fashion at a young age, having their own namesake brand in stores worldwide. But as their acting roles grew less and their infamous "boho grunge" streetstyle grew more, these twin tycons took the reins and decided to run with the big dogs of the fashion industry. With a keen eye for style and unique vintage layering, MK&A started their first high quality brand, Elizabeth and James (named after their younger brother and sis). Then came the runway luxury design house, The Row. And finally more recently, their denim and more causal line, TEXTILE Elizabeth and James. Besides these three labels their lower priced brand OlsenBoye is sold at JCPenney and they just launded the style matching site, StyleMint, known for comfy tees.

Below I compiled my favorite pieces from each of their three main fashion labels :)

(Fall RTW 2011, The Row)


Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James

Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James

Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James


The Row, The Row, The Row, The Row, The Row


TEXTILE Elizabeth and James, Elizabeth and James

Elizabeth and James, TEXTILE Elizabeth and James

(lookbooks:; photos:,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Couture Coverage: Fall 2011


This collection showcased a more sophisticated side to the usually ballerina pretty label. blazers, crisp colors and decadent details were showcased.

Known for over the top whimsy and naturalistic effects, Gaultier brought his A game to couture once again. Birds feathers, sultry femme fatale, and major volume were showcased.


Otherworldly extravagance mixed with lady-like quality is Valli's expertise. Sleek hair/makeup, luxurious white, 3D details, and animal print were showcased.


The reigning Red Carpet designer powerhouse, Elie Saab loves a good sparkle and flow to his princess gowns. Monotone looks, lace details, short sleeve dresses, and sheerness were showcased.

Karl Lagerfeld has been throwing out somber glam collections lately, and this couture one was no exception. Fitted jackets, heavy fabrics, round hats, and trademark patent toe boots were showcased.

Bold luxury and timeless clothing describe Azzedine Alaia's design aesthetic. Snakeskin, feathers, short hems, booties, and tiers of layers were showcased.


A couture front-runner, Mabille loves to play with dark glamour mixed with fun whimsy. Large quail feathers, velvet and lace, Peter Pan tights, and severe animistic style were showcased.