Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

AMA's: Style Awards

"What Happened?! Award: The title says it all. I didn't even recognize Katy Perry at first. Yes her look is very nice, but it doesn't suit her flamboyant personality at all. It's like marriage has sucked the life out of her. There is no color, no shine, no pizazz whatsoever. I mean I usually don't like Katy's crazy style , but at least it stood out. This is just so disappointing.

"Nice But Lacking Award": Like Katy Perry before her, Pink doesn't look like herself. I dislike the grandma colored hair and the lackluster dress. The dress does give her a nice shape and even though it's black, its still too "demure" for Pink. I can't fault her completely because she is trying to conceal her baby bump, but I've seen better maternity gowns than this. I love when she wears such strong rock and roll outfits, and this isn't it.

"Trying Too Hard Award": Don't even get me started on this family. I totally respect Will Smith, but I just think he shouldn't be pushing his daughter into fashion and fame so quickly. Yes her new single is topping every chart, but her looks always scream, "give me attention" not "take me seriously". It's Halloween everyday for this family apparently. Jaden, the most Conservative in this picture, even is way over the top. Jada looks like a mid evil warrior princess and her dress is too tight on her chest. And poor Willow looks like a space alien in pirate boots. Soo wrong overall.

"Best of the Night Awards": Mandy Moore and Whitney Port had my tow favorite looks on the red carpet.Mandy matched her dress with the perfect pair of nude heels, looking simple yet chic. And Whitney looked so regal in his draped dress and great accessories. This is one of the first Whitney looks that I actually like. Even her hair and makeup is perfection. It's kinda funny that the two people can aren't considered "rock stars", rocked the American Music Awards.

"On the Fence Award": I can't decide whether I like this look on Fergie or not. Personally I am not a fan of the dress, but it looks stunning on Fergie's amazing body and suits her personality. I don't like the blue and the black together and I think the sleeves look wrong, but otherwise it's an okay look. Boring shoes though:(

"Almost There Award": Oh man, she was so close! I love this Marchesa mini dress on Miley but the train is just so unnecessary and looks over thought. Her hair looks nice for once and doesn't have crazy unkempt extensions. Overall she looks mature and sophisticated and not like she's trying to be something she's not. Props Miley.

"Right Dress, Wrong Hair Award": I love this sheer applique Elie Saab Haute Couture dress on Rihanna but it's color is too old and dull for my taste. I dislike how she matched her hair with the dress. It seems like she dyed her hair darker, which I am unsure if I like or not. I also can't stand those curls; it's too Dian Ross and Whitney Houston for Rihanna's youthful vibe. Not a perfect look by any means.

"Head Turner Award": Taylor Swift surprised everyone by wearing her hair straight. And I must say that I absolutely love it! She looks so mature and dare I say sexy in this sparkly number. The girl does like shine and silver, and she definitely stood by that tonight. I keep thinking of Taylor as this young teenager and thought it was kinda creepy that she was dating Jake, but in this look, I am kinda alright with that now. Love!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Carrie's Crazy Changes

Let me start off by saying how much I love Carrie Underwood. She's an amazing singer, musician, humanitarian, and all around great human being who deserves the wonderful fame she has gotten. So of course I was thrilled to get to go to her "Play On" tour this past Tuesday. Just as much as her singing, I was amazed by her many many costume changes. I break them down below:

Look 1: Silver military inspired coat with train, black sparkly skinny pants, embellished heels, and a necktie jeweled necklace. I was surprised to see Carrie in such a daring and strong look. But over-the-top tackiness aside, it was great first concert look. Just not for real life haha.

Look 2: Silver corset top with fringe, pink tulle ballroom skirt. It was perfect for princess Carrie and definitely stood out. However the silver fringe top didn't quite go well with the puffy skirt. Overall it worked though because she wore it while sitting on a huge rope swing, so the effect was neat.

Look 3: same sparkly pants, same corset fringe top, metallic heels. I love how she could change quickly from the previous looks into this one. The top goes better with the sexy skinnies.

Look 4: blue and black sequin dress with black leggings. I like the idea of this look but it doesn't work completely. The weird sequin fringe doesn't make sense. At first I was wondering why she was wearing leggings when the dress would look better without them. But then I realized that because she was riding in a car above the audience, she didn't want to flash everybody ahaha. I think it's fun, just not quite perfect.

Look 5: Light up ballgown dress. Omg, I can't even criticize this look because the effect of it was just so cool! It lit up like an LCD screen and changed colors with the song she was singing. She just stood there like a magical doll in this look. Pure awesome:)

Look 6: Lavender draped gown. I absolutely loved this look. It was so regal and beautiful on Carrie and really made her shine instead of the outfit shining more. Her hair color went so great with the lavender hue. Simple yet stunning.

Look 7: Lavender draped mini. This was the same look as before, but without the long skirt. Now the simple gown turned into a sexy minidress and I adore it. It showed Carrie's playful and fun side as she danced around stage. And with amazing toned legs like she has, who wouldn't want to show them off?

Look 8: silver sequin short, blue sequin jacket, striped sequin tank, white flower headpiece. Overall I really didn't get this look. Too much was going on and it seemed like many styles in one. You had the military trend, the boho flower, the glamorous sequins....overkill. On the plus side, it showed off her amazing legs again. But hey this is a concert, so what do you except?!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Style Star: Camilla Belle

I can honestly say that I have a mad style crush on Camilla Belle. Belle, who is more known her her fabulous red carpets outfits than her movie roles, always manages to look so chic and fashion forward. She is beyond stunning, has the perfect skin tone and face structure and is very effortless in her styling. She tends to wear a lot of color which I admire because most celebs these days don't take fashion risks. She even matches her hair and makeup perfectly with each outfit she wears. Although she isn't A-list in her movie career, Camilla is certainly considered A-listed to top designers such as Derek Lam, Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa. She pulls off every look with such grace and poise. Bottom line is, I am extremely jealous so Camilla definitely deserves to be style star.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Count Down to Harry Potter: Fav Promtional Looks

With the Harry Potter movie coming out I couldn't help but post a blog about Emma Watson's fabulous promotional looks. She hit it out of the park this week with her daring yet chic looks. And with her new cropped do, she just looks so sensational.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Carpet: CMAs 2010

Kelly Pickler: This gold sequin Pamella Roland gown fits Kelly to perfection. Even though we have seen this type of dress many times on the carpet, Kelly wears hers well. The flawless waves, curve hugging shape, and engagement bling makes this look one of my favorites of the night.

Gwyneth Paltrow: I am quite perplexed by Gwyneth's choice of dress. It's not to say its bad, but just not something we usually see her in. The actress is normally known for her high fashion tight bodycon looks, so this sweeping ombre gown is refreshing. She has an amazing body so the cutout and high slit is gorgeous on her. Simple hair and confidence finishes this great outfit.

Jennifer Nettles: This is definitely one of my top favorite looks because the watercolor dress is so unique. I always look forward to what Jennifer will wear and tonight she didn't disappoint in the least. Sans the bad eyeshadow, she looks simply stunning.
Taylor Swift: Of course Taylor looks great as always but I am bored. She always choices a sequin or red dress so I just wish she would change it up a bit. That said, the Monique Lhuillier gown fits her wonderfully and her hair look lovely.

Julianne Hough: I don't know what to think about this dress. Julianne looks like she's been engulfed by smoke. Its either that or a belated evil witch Halloween outfit. It looks like cheap material and doesn't do anything for her great figure. Too much going on.
Sheryl Crow: I am yawning when looking at this look. It's so causal and the design at the bottom makes no sense. The colors are dull and lifeless for such a vibrant woman. The only thing I like is her hair.

Joanna Garcia: I love this gown and how comfortable it looks. The color is absolutely amazing on her skin tone. The only thing though is that the dress and the hair seem too causal for such a big event. But even still, she looks great.
Leann Rimes: Where do I even start with this look? Leann looks like a cross between a sea monster and a warrior princess. The length and the detail of the dress just doesn't work. Even her booties scream "trying too hard". Her hair is okay but overall I dislike the whole outfit since it doesn't fit the CMAs.

Carrie Underwood: Carrie always manages to change it up on the red carpet and I can only give her props for that. This Talbot Runhof gown may be a little too extreme for my taste but
she doesn't get lost inside of it. Crazy ruffles and layers aside, the superstar singer looks great and the gun mental hue is amazing.

Leighton Meester: Yes finally a fashion forward look on the red carpet from none other than Gossip Girl star Leighton. Know for her daring fashion choices, this Emillo Pucci gown is a nice change. The short length in the front shows off her fabulous nude heels and she just looks so relaxed and effortless. Her makeup is too minimal but overall this is by far my favorite look.
Thanks for bringing style to the much needed country flooded red carpet!