Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG Awards: Red Carpet Hits and Misses

First off, we have Penelope Cruz in tight black L'Wren Scott cocktail dress. I'm not a fan of the black on black on black, as it makes her look old. Which shouldn't be the case as Penelope is so stunning and youthful!
Julianna Margulies looks very dowdy in this navy blue Narciso Rodriguez velvet gown. It gives her body no shape and kinda just hangs there. She wasn't the best dressed at The Golden Globes either in this same designer, so she should definitely try and step it up next time.
Sandra Bullock was one of my favorite at the Golden Globes last weekend and she remains it still on last night's red carpet. She truly has become a style maven in this unique Alexander McQueen gown. I love the keyhole, the bright blue design and the short selves. She really took a risk that ended up paying off!
Next we have Tina Fey in a flattering short purple dress by Salvatore Ferragamo. We have known Tina to wear black dresses alot, so its refreshing to see her in such a vivid hue. Even her retro curls and bejeweled Christian Louboutians are an improvement. Keep it going girl:)
Meryl Streep steps outside of her comfort zone in this printed Balenciga gown with swepted back hair and a black patent belt. I love that she chose something with pizazz instead of her usual neutral looks. She looks ten years younger and her makeup is flawless.

Color was the theme of the red carpet last night and these three lovely ladies wore the best hues of all.
Drew Barrymore hit another home run in this two tiered Monique Lhuillier gown. The hem detail is so pretty and I love that it looks like a piece of art. Her hair is great as well, though a little more makeup would have be nice.
Next is my favorite GLEE star, Lea Michele in this AMAZING Malandrino dress. This green hue is so perfect with her skin tone and her hair looks effortless yet chic. I'm so jealous right now:)!
Finally is my style icon, Diane Kruger is fashion favorite, Jason Wu. You never can go wrong with this mustard yellow tone,; it just looks flattering on every skin tone. I also love how she accents the color with red lips and clutch. She can't go wrong in my eyes!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Golden Globes 2010!!

The Winner's Circle

I can't even begin to express how fabulous the red carpet was last night at the Golden Globes! Yes there was some minor fashion faux-pas's but overall the stars look downright gorgeous. Since there weren't any horrible looks, I am only showcasing the ones that stood out the most. And surprisingly these came from the big award winners.

First up we have Best Actress in a Miniseries winner, Drew Barrymore who like her spunky personality, you never know what you're going to get. However she looked better than ever in this nude/pinkish Atelier Versace sparkler complete with a beautiful shoulder and hip detail.

Toni Collette, who won Best Actress in Television Comedy, wore this stunning Elie Saab deep v-neck gown. It matches perfectly with her tan glow and wispy up-do, and not to mention, makes her talk so tall and slim.

Next we have Christina Hendricks in my favorite Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano's nude masterpiece. It fits her curvy body like a glove and looks great against her porcelain skin and red hair. Christina stars in Mad Men, which won for Best Television Drama.

Zoe Saldana, who is probably my favorite stylista right now, looked so chic and fashion forward is this burgundy multi layered gown. I love all the little delicate details, which just make her look so unique and different from everything else on the red carpet. Zoe stars in Avatar, which won the ultimate Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture Drama (yay!!)

Then we have Best Actress in a Motion picture Drama (!!), Sandra Bullock, in a vividly bright Bottega Veneta gown. I love that she took a risk by wearing a fabulous designer that isn't seen that often at award show red carpet's like these. The purple almost translucent material looks great with her dark wavy hair.

The mega talented star, Lea Michele, looked like so unlike her goody girl character in "Glee". I love this black Oscar de la Renta ball gown on Lea's petite frame, making her look so polished and statuesque. On a red carpet without too many ball gowns, Lea's dress is truly show stopping. And to top it all off, "Glee" won Best Television Comedy!!!! Totally in love with that show, they deserved it!!:)
The last two red carpet stunners that I have pictured didn't win in their categories but were just so breath taking that I couldn't leave them off my list. First is the rising star and Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama Nominee, Carey Mulligan in an amazing Nina Ricci gown. Everything from the gown's navy color, to its pebbled texture, to Carey's jeweled hair do, screams style star. We have definitely come to expect nothing less than perfection from this actress!
Finally we have the always lovely Rose Bryne who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series. This beautifully crafted Lanvin gown is probably one of my favorite looks on last night's red carpet. Her side parted hair, jeweled hair piece, flower brooches on her hip, and dewy makeup just all work together perfectly. Rose always knows how to look classic and fashion forward on every red carpet she walks down!
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

RED-CARPET: People's Choice Awards 2010

2010 started off with a bang with the People's Choice Awards and in honor of that I thought I give out my own awards for the red carpet.
"Best Dressed" went to Carrie Underwood in a unique and eye catching Christian Cota netted dress complete with wrapped heels and the prefect styled hair-do. She just looks so put together and polished, something we don't often see on the red carpet.
"Worst Dressed" and fashion mess went to Demi Lavoto. The dress, while a pretty color, looks tasteless and cheap and the silver choker doesn't do it any justice either. She just looks like she is trying to hard:(
"Most Improved" goes to Jessica Alba in this trendy Antonio Berardi mini and amazing sky high
braided heels. Jessica has lost her style mojo these past years but it looks like she found it at last on this red carpet!
"Cute but we have seen it before" award goes to Taylor Swift. The Jenny Packham mini is so adorable on her with those silver peep toes and red lips, but I feel like she wears this look all the time on the red carpet. We all know Taylor like her sparkle, and her white dresses but it would be nice to see her in something unexpected like a bright color. If anyone can pull off a risky look, it would be miss country queen herself:)
"Style Veteran" award goes to Diane Kruger in this white body con Herve Leger dress. While many celebs love this designer and his dresses are seen all over the red carpet, Daine makes it different and all her own. Her bandage heels, and black accessories turns this sexy dress into something more fashion forward. Diane is a style star in her own right (see my post on her fashion) and other starlets should take a cue from her style skills.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Side Note: Mesothelioma Cancer

James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship
Cancer is a terrible thing, a disease that could mean life and death for so many. Rhio O’Connor seemed like one of the few special people that knew how and what to do with the situation he was in. He was a brave, smart and proactive man that would not give up even when the outlook was grim. Rhio was diagnosed with Pleural Mesothelioma cancer, a rare disease that only about 3000 people get each year. This cancer results from everyday exposure to asbestos in the surrounding environments in which we live. Mesothelioma causes the growth of a tumor on our body’s internal structures, such as on the lining of the lungs, heart and abdominal cavity. Rhio was faced with a cancer that was life threatening and required rigorous treatments. But with his courage and intellect, Mr. O’Connor fought the battle that most would turn their backs to. He only had a year to live, but by planning his own survival regimen and not losing hope, Rhio is now alive and well. If I was given a similar cancer prognosis as Mr. O’Connor was, I would try to make the best out of it and live up to the standards that he set.

To hear that your life might possibly end in a short time is what I imagine to be devastating. However, to hear that there is no hope is unacceptable. One doctor’s opinion is only one opinion out of many. I would take what they say to heart, but also seek out other options, other treatments and others ways of handling my disease. People often assume that their doctor’s word is god, a final say in what you should do. Do you need a doctor to bandage up a skinned knee? Do you need a doctor to tell you to wash your hands before you eat? Then why would I need one to tell me how exactly to live the rest of my shorten life? Instead I would do what I always have done, trust my own instincts.

I am a researcher at heart. Whenever I do not know a word, do not understand a phrase, or need to further my knowledge, I look it up. Therefore I would start a long and dedicated process of researching every possible cancer treatment available. I would consider the pros and the cons of each, what facts backs them up, the survival rates and other important third factors. I would work harder than I ever had in my life because I am fighting for a life, my life.

There are several common treatments people with cancer undergo such as Chemo, radiation, and even surgery. I have family members who have done all of these. But sadly in the end they still met their fate and passed away. I am not saying that these treatments would not work for me however. Each case is unique and should be handled that way. For myself personally I would chose surgery only if it was needed and was done by a trusted surgeon with a good heart and good intentions. I would choose Chemo if I thought, after heavy research, that it was my best option. But with radiation, I am immediately turned off. My own grandfather chose this method when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. It put him through a lot of pain during the last days of his life and ultimately it did not yield the results that experts said it would.

If I had cancer, besides researching the best treatment plans and seeking multiple opinions from doctors, I would find out if my cancer was terminal or not. If there was a good chance that I would survive I would try my hardest and put myself through rigorous treatments if I thought I could eventually pull through. However if I was told by doctors, my research and my own gut feeling that there was not a chance of surviving, no matter the precautions I took, than that would be a whole new story.

When my great aunt found out she did not have long to live because of her cancer she made her final days the best they could possibly be. I would do the same thing if I was in her situation. Why put yourself through painful treatments, surgery and such if the final outcome will be death anyway? No, I would instead try and keep my condition stable long enough to spend the rest of my time with the people I love. If Chemo and even radiation had little to offer in the long run, why struggle? Even if it means less time on Earth, I would rather spend it at home surrounding by love and support then in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes and unconscious. What I regret the most with my Grandfather was that I did not get enough time to talk to him when he was in the hospital. I think my parents regret putting him through radiation instead of letting him go peacefully sooner. Being the realist that I am, knowing that my cancer will eventually take my life would make me want to accept it and be happy until that time.

Therefore if I, like Rhio O’Connor, were given a dire cancer prognosis I would not give up until I knew everything I could about my prognosis and what could be done to ensure that I will survive. Cancer is not something anybody wants to have, nor is death something anyone wants to think about, but that does not mean you should not try to make the best out of it. Rhio seemed like to be the type to think this way during his struggle with cancer and I just hope that if I ever fall under the same situation that I can be as courageous as he was.

Please click on this link for more information about Mesothelioma:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pre-Fall 2010 Coverage

On the eve of Fashion week's highly anticipated Fall 2010 shows, the designers gave us a extra helping of their genius during this past month's Pre-Fall collections. And boy was it good! Luxury was taken to another level with thick knits, vintage florals, sexy lines, structured black, and delicious tones of yellow and purple. Although not every designer chooses to show for Pre-Fall, the ones that did will be sure to have new fans for their upcoming Fall 2010 collections. Can't wait!
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